What We Do

Phoenix Community Capital (PCC) is the world’s first community backed, combination fiat and crypto asset management fund.  This fund is used to invest in venture capital incubation projects and partnerships both on and off the blockchain.  Investors earn dividends depending on the size of their holdings.

The Basics Explained

We started with a funding round in which investors bought a share of the company in the form of “Nests” using Phoenix tokens. They achieved a guaranteed return on their Nests from the rewards pool. (Round 1 rewards were 0.225%). That investment money funded the treasury, liquidity pool, and rewards pool.

  • Once they have reached a certain number of Nests, investors can buy two levels of NFT, allowing them certain privileges, including greater discounts on shares in PCC-funded projects.
  • PCC uses money from the treasury wallet to invest in incubation projects and to create partnerships both on and off the blockchain.
  • At the end of the funding round, the Nests are capped, and the revenue model takes its place. Investors still achieve the same percentage return on their Nests but are paid from profits from the incubator projects and partnerships rather than the rewards pool—much like a traditional investment fund.
  • There will be a subsequent round of funding similar to the first round.


Who We Are

Our investment team’s strategy of rigorous evaluation allows us to select the right start-ups for investments so that we use the treasury funds in the best and most profitable way. As a result, our groups of investors can enjoy benefits not normally open to individuals.

The Phoenix Community Capital, Inc. ecosystem comprises the mother company and our incubators and partners. Recent incubations and partnerships are:

  • SpectrumNFT.io —an NFT marketplace for "artists by artists." Dedicated to showcasing the very best digital art with the most affordable fees and a payment structure that gives more royalties to the artists.
  • Billidrop, LLC—an online gaming platform focusing primarily on cash giveaways.
  • Swapsicle.io—a revolutionary, decentralized exchange platform.
  • Griffin Kingdom—an NFT program with a difference.
  • Ghosts of Tabor—a VR game from Combat Waffle Studios.

Our Values

At Phoenix Community Capital, Inc. we pride ourselves on our deeply held core values: 

  • Transparency
    We are open and clear about all our transactions, about our goals and objectives. We never forget that our community members are funding the investments.
  • Integrity
    Our team and founders are committed professionals with established track records. We welcome checks and audits. We happily comply with all current legislation and certification.
  • Clarity
    We state what we will do. We do it. We tell you what we have done.
  • Community
    We value our community of investors and are committed to maintaining their trust as we chart the course for PCC.