"We want to create a venture capital ecosystem where Phoenix Community Capital, Inc. leads the way in incubating and
partnering with exciting projects both on and off the blockchain."

PPC Founders Eric Marshall and Luke Sullivan  have created something remarkable: the world's first community-backed, combination fiat and crypto asset management fund.

The fund works for its investors by leveraging combined investment capital which creates investment options not normally available to the average investor.

A US Navy veteran from Alabama, USA, Eric Marshall has years of experience in the world of technology at the most senior level, providing functional technical solutions for complex business objectives. Across the pond, Londoner Luke Sullivan has worked for years in the communications and finance industries and is a blockchain and NFT expert.

The two met through a shared interest in the DEFI space and soon found they had a lot in common. Both were passionate about education, community and charitable endeavours. They also saw the potential of Web 3.0 and how it could completely change the worldwide financial marketplace.

Walking away from their respective high-level careers to join forces and start their own company was no small commitment for these two intrepid entrepreneurs! Phoenix Community Capital, Inc. is the result of their very obvious enthusiasm, commitment,  dedication and confidence that their company is poised to effect massive changes in the global venture capital space.

They have good reason to be confident. 

Their goal was to create a venture capital ecosystem, with mother company Phoenix Community Capital, Inc. incubating and partnering with exciting projects both on and off the blockchain. They envisaged creating a safe space in DEFI which would be transparent, conform to all regulations, including being fully audited by Certik, the company who set the industry standard for security in the blockchain.

Currently Phoenix Community Capital, Inc. is reaching the end of its first funding round and has already invested in some exciting incubation projects and partnerships in the Metaverse, as well as in the real world.

Luke and Eric's vision has become a reality!

"Everything we're doing is innovative" says Marshall. "We are setting the standard for others to follow."

"We have come to the table with education about our industry," adds Sullivan. "We are giving people access to high level investments that are not available to everyone - MTMs, bonds, yield options, insurance. Add to that our DEFI investments, and you can see why we are excited about our offering."

"We are fast becoming the leaders in how to present crypto to the greater public," adds Marshall. "It's very exciting."

They may be separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but they are as one when it comes to their vision for Phoenix Community Capital, Inc.

"This is a model that can really sustain into the future," says Sullivan. "It's something we can shape and grow over the next 10 years"